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Season 38 continues with the Shins and Dr. Dog

After a magnificent celebration of soul with Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples, we’re shifting gears this week to give you some of the best the indie rock world has to offer. In this all-new episode, the Shins return for their second ACL episode, while Dr. Dog makes its debut appearance on our stage.

The last time Albuquerque-to-Portland band the Shins appeared on ACL was in 2004 (Season 30). Eight years later, singer/songwriter James Mercer brings a brand new crew in support of the group’s acclaimed fourth LP Port of Morrow. The quintet samples the latest record with “September,” “It’s Only LIfe,” “The Rifle’s Spiral” and the appropriately catchy single “Simple Song,” hitting a real sweet spot between rich, melodic hooks and Mercer’s clever, literate lyrics. But the band also digs deep into the Shins catalog, bouncing through “So Says I,” from breakthrough record Chutes Too Narrow, and reaching all the way back to its debut by closing the set with “New Slang.” It’s a masterful performance by a band hitting the peak of its powers.

For its first appearance on ACL, Dr. Dog proves why it’s a favorite on the live circuit. Adding a dash of jam band spice to its psychedelic indie rock batter, the Philadelphia sextet knows how to have a good time playing, while still keeping its songs catchy and concise. The band opens this episode with “Lonesome,” the tune that begins its much-heralded seventh LP Be the Void, kicking off the show to rollicking effect. “Jackie Wants a Black Eye” and “Vampire” keep the party going, and by the time the Dog hits a trio of tunes from its fan-favorite LP Fate, ending with “The Rabbit, the Bat and the Reindeer,” Dr. Dog lets us know just why it’s been such a popular concert draw in its decade of existence. As executive producer Terry Lickona says at the beginning of the show, “Great songs and live energy make for a winning combination.”

photo by Scott Newton

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Episode Recap New Broadcast News

Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples keep ACL’s new season rolling

So far this season we’ve brought you two groups (Radiohead & Bon Iver) that we’ve looked forward to having on our stage for years, this weekend is no exception. For the first time ever we bring you both Mavis Staples and Bonnie Raitt, two legends and soul sisters for the perfect combination of soul, R&B, blues, and gospel.  “We come this evening to bring you some joy, some happiness, inspiration and some positive vibrations,” declared Miss Staples back in June for our soul sister duel, and boy, did they deliver! This was a night full of smoky voices, sassy guitar playing, audience hooplah, and ardent exhibition.

This is Bonnie’s third appearance on Austin City Limits and although it’s been ten years since we’ve seen her last, she couldn’t have been welcomed more warmly. The audience greets the nine-time Grammy Award winner and bestselling artist with much love and admiration. She predominantly plays off of her 2012 album Slipstream, including “Down to You,” “Used to Rule the World” and a bluesy take on the Bob Dylan song “One Million Miles.” She finally exclaims, “Awww man! I love John Hiatt!” before ending with her Nick of Time hit “Thing Called Love.”

Mavis Staples is a clearly a legend. This lady has seen it all from singing songs on the forefront of the Civil Rights movement to being inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Joined onstage with her three backup singers and backing band, Mavis’ energy and famous low register voice charm the audience like we’ve never seen on classics like “Creep Along Moses” and “Freedom Highway.” At the end of the set, Mavis invites her lovingly coined “baby sister” Bonnie Raitt onstage for a couple of songs. On the emotional duet “Losing You,” dedicated to their fathers, Mavis and Bonnie share a moment where they hold hands and look at each othe – it’s one of the incredibly touching moments of the evening. They end the night with a rendition of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” a version that had the entire audience clapping and dancing.

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Episode Recap New Broadcast News

Bon Iver continues ACL’s new season this weekend

In a few short years, the world has watched Bon Iver’s progression from the “bare boned” yet profound debut For Emma, Forever Ago in 2008, to the latest self-titled release with anticipation. Justin Vernon has come a long way from once writing in total seclusion in a cabin in the mountains to collaborating with artists such as Kanye West and winning Grammys. When the group recorded this episode this past April, we were eager to see how this progression and critical acclaim would manifest in the performance. The result was a passionate, meticulously layered display of talent and musical tranquility.

In this episode, Bon Iver draws mostly from the 2011 self-titled album, starting with the opening track, “Perth,” and seamlessly leading into the next tune, “Minnesota, WI.” From there we get “Brackett, WI,” a beautifully-written track that appeared on the 2009 Dark Was the Night compilation album that raised funds and awareness about HIV and AIDS. Audience favorites included a more fleshed-out version of “Blood Bank,” complete with various horns, and of course the hits from For Emma, “Skinny Love” and “For Emma.”

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Episode Recap New Broadcast News

Radiohead kicks off Austin City Limits’ new season this weekend!

The day after we recorded Radiohead  back in March, our reaction was, “Radiohead taped Austin City Limits last night. It almost feels like that’s all we need to say.” Even now, months later with the Season 38 premiere upon on us, we still feel the same sense of met anticipation. It was a happening that fans and we had personally been waiting for and it finally came to fruition. A band like Radiohead, (well, let’s be honest – there really isn’t a band out there like Radiohead) that can constantly challenge themselves and evolve to change their sound to continue to make beautiful and inspiring music is a rare gift. We are incredibly grateful to open up our 38th season with such progressive rock icons and modern day musical legends.

Radiohead opened their set with “Bloom,” the busy and fitting song for the occasion that opens their 2011 self-released album The King of Limbs. From there the group goes to the piano-heavy and melodic “Daily Mail,” another new song from last year. The rest of the set features a collective mix of tracks from TKOL, Hail to the Thief, Kid A, OK Computer, and new singles. One highlight of the night is when they played a forgotten B-side, “The Amazing Sounds of Orgy.” Of course the essence of the night was captured at the very end when the band played the big hits and crowd favorites, “Idioteque” and “Paranoid Android.”

For those that missed seeing the taping live, this is your opportunity to see what many described as being a passionate and “life-changing” performance. You can truly feel the energy of the band and the audience in this episode, and Thom Yorke’s dancing may even inspire you to flail around in your living room. (Seriously, if you don’t dance during “Idioteque” then there may be something wrong with your well-being.)

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