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Husband and wife team Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst sing harmony-driven folk that is full of raw energy and authenticity. At their ACL taping debut, Shovels & Rope perform songs from their debut release O’ Be Joyful.

Hearst and Trent met in 2003 while on tour. Trent was part of the band The Films, while Hearts was forging her way as a solo artist. They began performing and recording together in Charleston, South Carolina, and produced Shovels & Rope in 2008. The album featured murder ballads where some characters were hanging and others were doing the burying. Hearst and Trent liked the phrase so they adopted it as their band’s name.

With their debut as Shovels & Rope, Hearst and Trent collaborated on all the songs for an effortless and insightful collection. O’ Be Joyful is “a delightful combination of knee-slapping, bordering-on-gospel folk tracks and bluesy guitar-driven rock” (Filter) that channels the couple’s creative chemistry.

Both Trent and Hearst have thriving solo careers. Trent’s The Winner, released in 2010, topped Charleston’s best-of lists. Hearts most recent solo release, 2011’s Lions and Lambs, features “Hell’s Bells,” which has been featured on HBO’s True Blood, and “Another Like You,” her duet with Hayes Carll from his LP KMAG YOYO, burned up the Americana airwaves in 2012. Their solo work gives the couple a range of material to pull from in their live shows. “The way we perform live has always been somewhat of an experiment,” Trent said. “It keeps u on our toes and keeps the show fresh for both of us and the audience.”



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