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Spoon Season 36 by Farley Bookout

Hailed as “one of the most engaging American bands of the past decade” (The Phoenix) by critics and fans, Spoon returns to Austin City Limits for their third turn on the stage with a new album that “strikes a balance between its early angsty indie-rock and the soulful deconstructed pop of its 2007 release, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” (Billboard).

Released in 2010, Transference is an “experimental yet entirely accessible” (Q Magazine) CD that is “a compelling listen from a band that’s still at the mercy of its muse” (Boston Globe). “I think we were just feeling our way as we went along,” Britt Daniel told NPR. “And we definitely didn’t know how we wanted to make [Transference] when we started.”

While this is the band’s seventh release, and their first since 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, which brought them national acclaim, it is the first the group has self-produced. “When you’re working with another producer, you’re trying to please two different aesthetics — the band’s and the producer’s,” Daniel told NPR. “That’s a great way to make a record — you can come up with a lot of things that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. But there’s another way of making it, which is just to kind of be hardcore, and do it exactly the way, you know, one entity wants to do it. … And if that meant it was somewhat more amateurish, then that was fine. I wanted to live with those bits of humanity.”

And those bits of in-the-moment inspiration shine through on Transference. The CD “is an aural Zen garden: minimalist lines and meticulously rendered patterns anchored by Daniel’s brittle cool” (Spin). The L.A. Times wrote “Spoon has once again made experimentation go down easy.”




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