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Nanci Griffith R.I.P.

We here at Austin City Limits were shocked to learn of the death of singer/songwriter Nanci Griffith on Friday, August 13. No cause of death was announced. 

Born in Seguin and raised in Austin, Griffith became a favorite on the Texas singer/songwriter circuit, releasing her first album There’s a Light Beyond These Woods in 1978. She first appeared on Austin City Limits in 1985, wearing a bright yellow, flowered dress she made herself especially for the show. Joined by a mini-orchestra of Nashville and Austin luminaries (including a young singer/songwriter named Lyle Lovett), Griffith wowed the hometown crowd with songs from her then-new album Once in a Very Blue Moon

Griffith went on to appear on ACL seven more times, including five headliner shows, two songwriters specials, and as a guest of Hootie & the Blowfish. 

She last appeared on the show in 2001, supporting her record Clock Without Hands

We’re deeply saddened to lose this remarkable singer, performer and tunesmith, whose influence has been felt on nearly every Texas singer/songwriter who came afterward. May the Last of the True Believers rest in peace.