Bon Iver

The Grammy-winning Bon Iver performs material from its self-titled second album.


Minnesota, WI
Brackett, WI
Blood Bank
Skinny Love
Hinnom, TX
For Emma


Justin Vernon - guitar, vocals, keyboards, voice box
Sean Carey - drums, keyboards, piano
Michael Noyce - guitar, viola, vocals
Matt McCaughan - drums, percussion, laptop, vocals
Michael Lewis - tenor & soprano saxophone, bass, keyboard, vocals
Rob Moose - violin, guitar, vocals
Carmen Camerieri - trumpet, piccolo trumpet, French horn, keyboard, flugelhorn
Colin Stetson - bass & alto saxophone, clarinet, vocals
Reggie Pace - trumpet, cornet, monotron synth, percussion



In a few short years, the world has watched Bon Iver’s progression from the “bare boned” yet profound debut For Emma, Forever Ago in 2008, to the latest self-titled release with anticipation. Justin Vernon has come a long way from once writing in total seclusion in a cabin in the mountains to collaborating with artists such as Kanye West and winning Grammys. When the group recorded this episode this past April, we were eager to see how this progression and critical acclaim would manifest in the performance. The result was a passionate, meticulously layered display of talent and musical tranquility.

In this episode, Bon Iver draws mostly from the 2011 self-titled album, starting with the opening track, “Perth,” and seamlessly leading into the next tune, “Minnesota, WI.” From there we get “Brackett, WI,” a beautifully-written track that appeared on the 2009 Dark Was the Night compilation album that raised funds and awareness about HIV and AIDS. Audience favorites included a more fleshed-out version of “Blood Bank,” complete with various horns, and of course the hits from For Emma, “Skinny Love” and “For Emma.”

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