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Rhiannon Giddens



Rhiannon Giddens by Jared Connor


Rhiannon Giddens Taping Setlist

Rhiannon Giddens has used her music to explore the foundational role African-American performers and songwriters have played in folk music history, while making recordings that are vital, contemporary, and exuberant. Giddens makes her highly anticipated Austin City Limits debut performing tracks from her release Tomorrow is My Turn, a 2016 Grammy nominee for Best Folk Album.

Giddens originally envisioned a career in opera and earned a degree in vocal performance at Oberlin Conservatory. A side interest in contra-dance calling led her towards old-time music. Giddens’ journey, in a larger sense, began in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, where she was raised – an area with a rich legacy of music that Giddens would explore in depth after college. She incorporated this knowledge in her Grammy-winning work as a member of African-American folk ensemble Caroline Chocolate Drops. Her newest release, produced by T Bone Burnett, marks Giddens’ solo debut after a decade with the band.

The breadth of musical vision on Tomorrow is My Turn incorporates gospel, jazz, blues and country, plus a hint of proto-rock and roll, and Giddens displays an emotional range to match her dazzling vocal prowess throughout. Reviving, interpreting, and recasting traditional material from a variety of sources has been central to Giddens’ career.

“The strength of American music is in bringing all these things together – Celtic, gospel, jazz, folk – all these things that make American music great,” she said. “Putting them side by side and having a production that pulls it all into  a cohesive whole shows how related all these things are.”



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