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Jim James by Mexican Chocolate/Jared Connor

Combining hints of of old-school R&B, flickers of hip hop, operatic pop and delicate instrumentation, Jim James explopres new sonic directions with his intimate and hypnotic solo project, bringing the auditory exploration of Regions of Light and Sound of God to the Austin City Limits stage.

Over the course of 15 years and six studio albums, James has been the focal point of My Morning Jacket, a group that has grown into one of the most acclaimed and successful rock and roll bands in the world. Throughout his career, James’ unique sound has had a place with Austin City Limits. In addition to two appearances with My Morning Jacket, the Louisville, Kentucky, singer and songwriter has taken the stage with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Bright Eyes and Monsters of Folk.

With Regions of Light and Sound of God, James reaches into new territory that extends, but doesn’t break from, My Morning Jacket’s accomplishments. Called “thrillingly adventurous and tuneful” by Alternative Press and “captivating to its core” by Filter, Regions of Light and Sound of God features James performing nearly eveyr note by himself, resulting in a “mature, tuneful and utterly approachable album” (Mojo) that’s “a lovingly recorded scrap of tenderness and beauty” (Uncut).

“I’m very lucky to play in a band with guys that I love, who are great at what they do,” he says. “So on MMJ records, I don’t have a need to play bass or keys or what have you. But as a person and as a musician, I love to play every instrument under the sun, and I wanted to make a record where I played all the instruments and produced/engineered it myself.”




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