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It’s been three decades since acclaimed singer-songwriter Bob Mould surfaced in the Minneapolis hardcore punk scene as frontman for Hüsker Dü. Since then, he has cemented the foundations for modern underground rock and influenced many of today’s rock icons. On the heels of his 2012 solo album Silver Age, he delivers his aggressive power-punk melodies in his Austin City Limits debut.

Bob Mould’s direction in Hüsker Dü generated a dynamic force that helped define a common ground between melody and punk, dominating the sound and ideals of alternative music leading into the 90s. Following the group’s success, Mould released several solo albums before forming aggressive power-pop band Sugar in 1992. The band’s debut Copper Blue proved to be a pivotal record in a post-Nirvana landscape and generated phenomenal success for Mould and his bandmates. He has since gone on to pursue various solo projects ranging in sound from acoustic reverie to electronic dance music and everything in between. His 2011 memoir, See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody, depicts the struggles and complexities he faced throughout his career, while garnering the reverence as a respected figure of punk.

Mould’s latest release Silver Age departs from his memoir’s deeply reflective tone in favor of the aggression and energy ripping throughout his earlier recordings. Critics have given the album favorable reviews, writing that “the bounty of direct, distorto-pop hits measures up to Mould’s gold standard” [Pitchfork] and that the album “packs the visceral punch of prime Hüsker Dü and the sugar rush hooks of Mould’s early-’90s albums with Sugar,” with “smart, solid, well-crafted songs, propulsive and fast” [Washington Post].




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