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Beck Taping Setlist

Surfacing just as alternative rock went mainstream, Beck’s relentless creative tide has pushed his music into innovative and critically-acclaimed direcitons. For this episode, Beck makes his second appearance on Austin City Limits in support of his release Morning Phase.

Beck has traveled light years from being pegged as a reluctant generational spokesperson when “Loser” metamorphosed from a rejected demo to a ubiquitous smash. instead he wound up crystallizing much of the post-modern ruckus of the ’90s alternative explosion, but in his own unpredictable manner. Beck’s singular career has been one that’s seen him utitlize all manners and eras of music, blurring boundaries and blazing a path into the future while simultaneously foraging throught the past.

The trailblazing singer and songwriter last visited the show in 2002, not on the heels of his masterpiece Sea Change. Morning Phase, Beck’s 12th album, is likened by some as a companion piece of sorts to that album. The Los Angeles Times wrote, “True to his transformer’s nature, the sequel is better than the original.” American Songwriter wrote, “Given that Morning Phase reveals similarly raw honesty and engrossing emotion [as Sea Change] – plus bears the mark of superior penmanship gained by a decade’s more patience and wisdom, the album is poised to be revered as one of Beck’s most potent collections.”




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