Radiohead tickets on Craigslist

Diehard Radiohead fans who did not win passes to tonight’s ACL taping have no doubt noticed the ads on Craigslist offering to sell tickets to this show.

We have messaged this in the past, but due to the high volume of ticket requests for this taping we feel the need to reiterate: ACL taping passes are never for sale. Attempting to sell passes jeopardizes our relationships with our donors and trade partners and, mostly importantly, inhibits our ability to contract with artists.

Also, as those you who’ve attended tapings in the past year have noticed, physical tickets are now a thing of the past. If you win passes on the blog, you’re getting a spot on the guest list, not actual tickets, and those spots can only be redeemed by coming in person and showing us your ID. So anyone on Craigslist or elsewhere who tells you they have tickets on hand to sell is, to be blunt, scamming you. They are counterfeit tickets and will not be honored. You’ll have spent an enormous amount of money for nothing.

We wish we could accommodate every fan who wants to see our tapings. But attempting to buy and/or sell passes to ACL tapings hurts us and hurts you. Please don’t do it. Thank you for your continued support of ACL and KLRU.