Band of Horses performing on Austin City Limits

Band of Horses



Band of Horses Season 36 by Mark Pedini

With tender, personal lyrics and sweet melodies Band of Horses has quickly become masters at making quality, old-fashioned rock with a unique fusion of influences to create a style that “glows with that familiar sound, a sound born with an American heart” (Drowned In Sound).

Originally out of Seattle, Band of Horses now hails from South Carolina, which has resulted in a twang-infused indie rock style all their own. The band’s  Everything All The Time was praised as an “astoundingly seductive debut” (Drawer B) that was “quietly innovative and genuinely refreshing” (Pitchfork). Their second release, 2007’s Cease To Begin, built on that creative success for “a sophisticated, mature, and altogether superior follow-up” (All Music Guide). Blender wrote, “Even the loudest moments reverberate with warmth. [frontman Ben] Bridwell sounds determined to build a new world for himself, one gorgeous ballad at a time.

While their first two albums were helmed largely by Bridwell, Infinite Arms is the first Band of Horses album to include compositional contributions from every band member, lending itself to a beautifully crafted, cohesive sound. Rolling Stone said on Infinite Arms, which was release earlier this year, Bridwell “sounds less lonely on the group’s third set, which adds singer-songwriter Tyler Ramsey as a full member, and sees multi-instrumentalist Ryan Monroe growing as a songwriter. Suddenly, the band has blossomed.” Billboard wrote, “Bridwell’s airy vocals and cozy lyrics have stayed consistent, but the impressive production work by the band … places the gorgeous melodies front and center without sacrificing Band of Horses’ rustic power.”



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