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Alejandro Escovedo



Alejandro Escovedo Season 36 by Chuck Sperry

As “one of the genuine lights in rock music” (Billboard) Alejandro Escovedo returns to the Austin City Limits stage to perform songs from his CD Street Songs of Love. His authentic Austin sound has led him to national stardom and critical acclaim. “To call Alejandro Escovedo the godfather of modern country rock would sell him short,” wrote critic Will Hermes in Rolling Stone.

His journey to legend has taken him from Texas to California to New York and back to Texas, encompassing a breadth of musical styles. In the 1970s, he surfaced on San Francisco’s punk scene as a guitarist in the Nuns; Rank & File helped unite the worlds of punk and country in the 1980s; and the True Believers combined all manner of Americana music in a harbinger of what was to come in Alejandro’s solo career which begun in 1992 with the album Gravity.

His ninth solo release, 2008’s Real Animal, was a conceptual CD about his musical journey with songs that sound “like a new chapter in a larger story and … a new installment in an ongoing epic” (Paste). The CD topped many best of lists and Popmatters wrote: “Music this rich and evocative should be heard by everyone, and one can only hope that more and more people will hear as Escovedo continues to write his own story.”

His follow up to Real Animal, Street Songs of Love was released in 2010. Full of songs he and his band, the Sensitive Boys, worked out during a regular gig at the Continental Club, Escovedo said the new CD, “ended up being an album about love ­ the pursuit of a feeling that is forever elusive, mysterious, and addictive.”





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