The Milk Carton Kids ©KLRU photo by Scott Newton

The Milk Carton Kids



Sarah Jarosz and The Milk Carton Kids by Dirk Fowler


The Milk Carton Kids set list

Flat-picking harmony duo The Milk Carton Kids have emerged in the last three years as a powerful voice defining the continuing folk tradition. The band makes their Austin City limits debut tonight performing songs from their release The Ash & Clay.

A refreshing alternative to the foot-stomping grandeur of the so-called “folk revival,” an understated virtuosity defines The Milk Carton Kids to the delight of traditionalists and newcomers to the folk movement alike. Indeed, Garrison Keillor has called them “absolute geniuses in close harmony,” while cultural purveyors like T Bone Burnett and Billy Bragg continue to champion the importance of The Milk Carton Kids among a group of new folk bands expanding and contradicting the rich tradition that comes before them.

The Los Angeles Times lauds their latest release The Ash & Clay as displaying “absolute mastery of their craft,” while Paste emphasizes the “intellectual sophistication of their songs…making The Milk Carton Kids an option for purists unsatisfied with some of the pop tendencies seeping into the genre.”

Beyond their inventive guitar lines and intricately interwoven vocals, the road-addicted duo is celebrated for the wry and biting humor that has become a beloved mainstay of their shows. Fretboard Journal declares, “The Milk Carton Kids are funny. Seriously funny. And what is only hinted at on their albums and within some of their lyrics is on full display during their live performances.”



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