The Decemberists © KLRU photo by Scott Newton

The Decemberists



The Decemberists and Gillian Welch Season 37 by Todd Slater


The Decemberists' Setlist

With the ability to create a sound that blends American folk with a hint of southern gothic inspiration, The Decemberists have garnered a fan base that is loyal to their eclectic style. Tonight, the band makes their second appearance on Austin City Limits with their enchanting and melodic folk tale ballads.

With the release of their newest album, The King Is Dead, in 2011, the band continues to impress both fans and music lovers with their unique sound. The album is hailed as “a 40-minute set that’s more succinctly rewarding than anything they’ve done in years (Entertainment Weekly).” The King is Dead speaks to the group’s creative genius as, “front man, Colin Meloy, and company demonstrate such a deep entrenchment in the nexus of folk that the five piece can now tackle any of its subgenres’ hybrids with confidence” (Austin Chronicle).