Susan Tedeschi ©KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Susan Tedeschi


Susan Tedeschi burst onto the music scene with Just Won’t Burn, earning herself critical praise and a 2000 Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist. She lost that Grammy to Christina Aguilera but has continued to build a reputation as an incredible singer and equally incredible guitar player. After the massive success of Just Won’t Burn, Tedeschi took some time off to focus on her family and in 2002 released Wait For Me. She avoided the “sophomore slump” and received a 2003 Best Female Rock Vocal Grammy nomination.

In the time between her two releases, Tedeschi’s music has grown to encompass a wider array of sounds and it continues to evolve as she tours the country with her band.

“I think [my music is] more exciting now,” she said. “I think it’s taking us in new directions; we’re getting a wider spectrum. Whether it’s stuff that we listen to together as a group, or new stuff we’re experimenting with, I just feel like it’s growing …We don’t know what’s going to happen next. It might be a funk tune that we write next, it might be a gospel tune, it might be a pretty sound; we don’t really know. It’s kind of fun.”

No matter what direction her music goes in, Tedeschi’s songs always have a soulful edge. This attribute is something she seeks out when looking for new material to perform.

“[When looking for a new song] usually something hits me like some kind of spark,” she said. “Whatever hits me is the first thing that gets my attention. And then I look for the content — it’s the words, its chord progression, if it’s soulful.”



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