Sarah McLachlan


With the release of her greatest hits collection, Closer: The Best Of Sarah McLachlan, the multi-Grammy Winning singer, songwriter and activist makes her Austin City Limits debut.

Her career began in the late 80s, but it was McLachlan’s landmark fifth album, 1997’s Surfacing, that helped bring her to the national spotlight. The CD contained two Grammy Award-winning tracks: “Building a Mystery” won for Best Female Pop Vocal and “Last Dance” was voted Best Pop Instrumental.

The 1999 Lilith Fair tour gave rise to McLachlan’s album Mirrorball, which earned McLachlan her third career Grammy Award. “Up until that point, I had managed to live my career rather quietly,” McLachlan said. “It was Lilith Fair that catapulted me into a different stratosphere as far as the media frenzy and public knowledge.” 2003’s Afterglow received two Grammy Award nominations for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Female Pop Vocal for “Fallen.”

In September 2004, McLachlan released the socially charged video “World On Fire.” The video made what the New York Times called “a modestly brilliant gesture: it stacks up budget items for a typical clip against what the same $150,000 budget would buy as relief efforts. The contrast between show-business splurges and practical aid is startling.” Most of the $150,000 video budget was distributed among charitable organizations.

McLachlan continues to write personal, evocative songs while using her status to help causes she believes in. “My idea of success has always been, does it feel right? Does it feel good to me? Do I enjoy doing it? And somehow miraculously, I’ve been able to follow that path and have a great success at it,” McLachlan said.


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