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Nick Lowe


For more than forty years, Nick Lowe has been writing songs, influencing musicians and gaining fans worldwide. From his production work with Elvis Costello to writing hit songs like “What’s So Funny (About Peace, Love and Understanding)” and “Cruel to Be Kind” to his iconic albums like Jesus of Cool, Lowe has had a wideranging career.

In recent years the Englishman’s work has shifted focus placing him more as a balladeer than a rocker. “Lowe has found a new forte in wise, understated and darkly funny musings on the inevitability of romantic ruin,” wrote the New York Daily News. In 2001, he released The Convincer, seen by many as one of the highlights of a long and illustrious recording career. Mojo wrote, “Nick Lowe has made the album of his career, a dozen stories of love and loss so beautifully simple that you’ll never get to the bottom of them.”

Then Lowe took a six year break from studio recording before releasing 2007’s At My Age. “It’s a record that I never really started,” Lowe said. “What normally happens in recent years when I feel like I want to do a record is I get an idea or feeling, along with about three or four new songs. Those songs will serve as sort of the engine that will drive the writing and recording of the rest of the record. But that process never happened with this one.”

Once he got started, Lowe created what is “probably his most personally revealing work yet” (Now).  At My Age is a “finely honed collection” (Entertainment Weekly) of “Ray Charles-like country soul, smoky late-night jazz, lush Western swing, and even a bit of Rockpile-style rockabilly” (Boston Globe). The Onion AV Club wrote, “There’s a real person writing and singing these songs, with a lifetime’s worth of joys and disappointments, as well as the wisdom to keep it all in proper balance.”




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