KT Tunstall © KLRU photo Scott Newton

KT Tunstall


As the 2006 Best British Female Solo Artist, KT Tunstall is already a star in her native Scotland and she is quickly getting the same recognition in the States.

Tunstall began performing and writing songs as a teenager. She received a scholarship to attend college in the U.S. and immersed herself in the New England music scene. After a few failed attempts to start bands, Tunstall returned to London where her music career begin to fall into place. She recorded her debut release, Eye To The Telescope, in a small studio in the woods in Wiltshire, which Tunstall said helped give the music a raw feel.

“I didn’t want to take too much equipment into the studio because it’s when you have to be inventive that you get interesting music,” she said. “Tom Waits said if you want something to sound like a cardboard box being hit with a boot, then hit a cardboard box with a boot.”

The honest, visceral energy from the studio shows in the songs giving critics reason to compare her to Norah Jones, Dido and Sinead O’Connor. Billboard called Eye To The Telescope “a delicious blend of acoustic guitar, raw grooves and sublime melodies.”

“My songs examine and explore little specific emotions or situations or stories,” she said. “They’re kitchen table songs, like a conversation between me and one other person. It’s almost like an alien has been sent to get emotional samples from human beings and put it all together on a record.”


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