Kathleen Edwards ©KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Kathleen Edwards


Kathleen Edwards’ 2003 debut, Failer, led Rolling Stone to declare her one of the year’s most promising new acts and No Depression to say the release marked “the arrival of a rare talent.” With this year’s sophomore release, Back To Me, Edwards is again proving that country-rock and insightful lyrics go hand-in-hand.

Edwards has spent much of the past few years touring in support of Failer. With stints opening for The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan and several television appearances, Edwards has been enjoying her time in the spotlight. “I wasn’t aiming for any of that, but it all happened,” she said. “When it came time to make Back To Me, I tried to put all that aside and really focused on the job at hand.”

Sticking to the basics of her craft has resulted in success — both commercially and creatively. Back to Me debuted in the Top 30 on Billboard’s AAA chart and it has received high praise from critics with an “A” from Entertainment Weekly and three stars in Rolling Stone. USA Today wrote: “The Canadian singer/songwriter almost always conjures a comforting country-folk melody and spins an engaging yarn in a voice that can be vulnerable one moment and seductive the next, and as wounded as it is defiant.”

Edwards said while she enjoys the critical praise, she’s more thankful that music fans have found a connection to her music. “People are getting tired of a lot of the safe, predictable, plastic music that has been shoved at them in recent years,” Edwards said. “I know there’s this big reservoir of music, and of music lovers that have been waiting for something new … As a music fan, I’m hoping that change does happen. And as a singer and songwriter, I’d love to be part of it.”