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Avant-garde folk princess Joanna Newsom has wooed audiences from all over with her unique songs that reflect her deep running, musical roots. Critics and fans have fallen for her ability to express strong emotion and feeling through her unparalleled voice.

Growing up in a musically gifted family, Newsom started taking piano lessons at a very early age. She took a liking to many musical instruments including the harp, which she began playing at age seven. Newsom often went to folk music camps in the summer. In high school, she pursued composing while also studying song writing on the side.

Eventually, she decided to meld her love of creative writing with her vast compositional knowledge. Her debut album, The Milk-Eyed Mender (2004), received recognition from music reviewers such as Pitchfork for exhibiting a “highly individualized and eccentric” sound. The praise was just beginning, as her sophomore album, Ys (2006), “demonstrated more nuance, depth of feeling, and originality than a hundred bedazzling pop divas” (Pop Matters). With Newsom’s third and most recent record, Have One On Me (2010), the young vocalist continued to receive acclamation.

The Los Angeles Times praised her album saying, “She goes deep, as deep as any artist working today, into the loud forest of stories where our ideas about love and the self are born. Her trail of crumbs isn’t always obvious, but you can follow her there.” Newsom’s music and live performance are so undeniably enchanting “it feels as if she’s singing directly to you, causing an involuntary shiver. If you’re not entirely ensconced in the world of Newsom, you might want to be calling the emergency services and checking your pulse” (No Ripchord).