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James Taylor



James Taylor poster by Justin Helton

One of the defining musical figures of our time, James Taylor makes his Austin City Limits debut performing songs from his newest release Before This World, plus a collection of his legendary songs.

The past ten years have been full of notable achievements for Taylor – including his acclaimed One Man Band tour and concert performance film, his wildly successful Troubadour Reunion tour and live album with Carole King, two collections of cover songs, a heartwearming Christmas album and 2014’s sold out tour across the U.S., Europe and the U.K.

That’s why it’s startling to realize that it’s been more than a decade – thirteen years, to be precise – since one of our greatest singer-songwriters, a five-time Grammy Award winner, and inductee into the Songwriter and the Rock & Roll Halls of Fame has released a studio album of new songs.

On Before This World, Taylor continues to explore many of the themes that have absorbed him throughout his recording career, from his 1968 self-titled debut on Apple Records and early classic like 1970’s Sweet Baby James and 1971’s Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon to fan favorites like 1975’s Gorilla and 1977’s JT and more recent masterpieces like 1997’s Hourglass and 2002’s October Road.

“The themes that really engage me keep pulling me back again and again,” said Taylor. “My sort of self-expression and the autobiographical aspect of my work is a thru-line that links all my albums together. I think I have grown musically, and I think people can hear it in what I played in ’68, and you can heaqr it in what I’m singing about now. It’s still me, but it’s still evolving.”



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