Jakob Dylan © KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Jakob Dylan


After chart topping success with his band the Wallflowers, Jakob Dylan went solo with Seeing Things, a CD that shows off his songwriting abilities. Inspiration arrived when he went on tour opening for T-Bone Burnett, who produced the Wallflowers’ 1996 Grammy Award winning release Bringing Down the Horse. Dylan had only had only his Wallflowers material from which to draw, but playing those compositions alone on an acoustic guitar led to a revelation.

“That’s the way I wrote all those songs, and the way they sounded before exploring them with the Wallflowers,” Dylan said. “I knew that I wanted to write more songs I could play in that sort of setting. I wanted to write songs that sounded like they’ve been here forever, that feel like they were carved right from the mountain, not just made in some studio somewhere.” Those songs were completed in 2008 when Dylan released his first solo CD.

Seeing Things contains “moments of timeless grace” (Spin) where “Dylan’s laid-back rasp, often laced with smoky harmonies, gains weight and texture” (Billboard).  Entertainment Weekly wrote “The unplugged treatment brings Dylan’s strengths as a lyricist into sharp relief on his solo debut.”

But Seeing Things isn’t an end to Dylan’s work with the Wallflowers. The band is just on hiatus. “The Wallflowers are designed for a certain sound, and I needed something different. I have a great group, and I want to make more records with them. But I’ve never had a chance to hear my voice sound this way coming out of the speakers.”


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