Jack Johnson ©KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Jack Johnson


Over the last five years, Jack Johnson has gone from accomplished surfer to award-winning filmmaker to acclaimed singer-songwriter.

While scoring his multi-award winning surf films Thicker Than Water and The September Sessions, Johnson found his musical voice. Recordings of his songs soon became highly tradable bootlegs in the surfer community.

One bootleg eventually landed in the hands of musician Ben Harper, who was so impressed he helped Johnson make his debut CD and gave him an opening spot on his U.S./Australia tour.

Johnson’s debut release, Brushfire Fairytales, was called charming and inviting by critics. It brought him platinum selling status and a large fan base. He continued touring and surfing for the next few years and in 2003 he released On and On. Entertainment Weekly said of his sophomore effort “while the vocal similarities to jam-band peers [Ben] Harper and Dave Matthews are striking, Johnson’s songs are, frankly, more instantly likable than theirs.”

Johnson’s newest CD In Between Dreams, which came out earlier this year, continues his unpretentious and laid-back sound combining blues and funky grooves. Paste Magazine wrote “Listening to the surfer/artist’s third album is like sitting on a barstool alongside a good friend, knocking back pints and rappin’ it down about, y’know, life and whatever.”


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