Gillian Welch © KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Gillian Welch



The Decemberists and Gillian Welch Season 37 by Todd Slater

American singer-songwriter Gillian Welch has allured audiences with her deep country lyrics and Americana sound for decades. This marks her third appearance on Austin City Limits and is joined by David Rawlings.

Welch met her musical partner Rawlings at Berklee School of music, through their shared love of country music. Together, Welch and Rawlings decided to move to Nashville to pursue a career in music. 2003’s Soul Journey featured Welch working with Rawlings for an album of “subtly searing front-porch folk-country” (The A.V. Club). Entertainment Weekly wrote “Her smoky Appalachian porch moan has never sounded deeper, realer or sexier.”

Eight years after their last album together, Welch has again teamed up with Rawlings for The Harrow and The Harvest. It is an extremely fluid and developed album, which can be credited to the fact that the two have worked together for numerous years. “There cannot be another musical duet around at the moment who are able to make two acoustic guitars and two voices produce a sound that is so subtle and yet powerful,” wrote The Telegraph.

Welch said of The Harrow and The Harvest, “I feel like there’s a maturity in it and a sense of place that only comes with time. We feel at home in the folk tradition, and using its language combined with our own.” Rawlings added that even though there are many moments of sadness contrasted with wry humor, “That’s the whole point of the folk tradition.”



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