Ghostland Obervatory © KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Ghostland Observatory


Inspiring comparisons to Daft Punk to David Bowie to Prince, Austin’s Ghostland Observatory’s dynamic sound and high-energy performances have taken many by surprise. “It’s some of the most decidedly unique music I’ve heard in a long time,” wrote one New York critic.

With two self-released CDs, singer/guitarist Aaron Behrens and producer/drummer Thomas Turner spend hours working in their south Austin studio to create music that “not only heals their beat-driven hearts, but pleases their rock ‘n’ roll souls.”

Their first release, 2004’s, was an audacious amalgam of electronics, drums, guitar and vocals. In Sound wrote “with their spectral blend of buoyant electronics, frantic-yet-precise drum work, cleanly hyper driven guitar, and sometimes gasping, sometimes ecstatic vocal delivery, the Ghostland Observatory have birthed a sound that can only be described as a dripping-wet sexplosion of instant addiction.

Less than a year later, Ghostland released Paparazzi Lightning to equally high praise. Three Imaginary Girls wrote: “It’s tough to believe just two dudes create this monstrosity of sound. They pack a smacking aural punch of whip-snap dance music in the post-punk vein.”


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