Explosions in the Sky © KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Explosions in the Sky


Austin’s Explosions in the Sky brings an emotional heft and sense of hope to the instrumental music genre. With epic songs that contain no singing, the band has built a large following without any radio play through a combination of beautiful melodies, cathartic mini-symphonies and head-spinning walls of noise.

Formed in 1999, Explosions in the Sky features guitarists Munaf Rayani and Mark Smith, bassist/guitarist Michael James and drummer Chris Hrasky. After 2000’s How Strange, Innocence and 2001’s Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever, the band began receiving broader national attention with 2003’s The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place. A Stylus Magazine review wrote: “The feeling I’m left with, after ‘Your Hand In Mine’ ebbs away, is that I may never need another instrumental album like this again. The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place has already provided what may be the ideal version. And for that it is absolutely essential.” In 2004, the band recorded the soundtrack to Peter Berg’s film “Friday Night Lights.” Their music is also heavily featured in the television series of the same name.

Explosions in the Sky’s latest release, All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone, has been called “a masterpiece that flows brilliantly” [Magnet] and “takes prisoner of your head and your heart.” [The Guardian]. Recorded in rural Minnesota, the album showcases a broader instrumental range and focused, efficient songwriting. Entertainment Weekly wrote “The band runs through intricately nuanced compositions with the fervor of an inspired jam session.”