Duffy © KLRU photo by Scott Newton



The 23-year-old Aimee Anne Duffy “boasts a cool power” (Los Angeles Times)  with a “husky-sweet and preternaturally seasoned” (Boston Globe) voice that has both critics and fans looking for even greater things from this new artist.

Duffy was born and spent her childhood years in the north Wales coastal community of Nefyn. She began singing with local bands in her teens. She gained a following at jazz and blues club near her college in England. There she met manager and record label owner Jeanette Lee, who introduced Duffy to ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. Duffy and Butler worked closely writing the lyrics and crafting a retro sound for the singer’s debut CD.

Rockferry, which was released earlier this year, is “a fantastic album of burning blue soul” (Observer Music Monthly). The Onion AV Club wrote, “Crooning over sparse, noir-y piano lines one moment, then belting over soaring strings the next, Duffy’s voice creates an almost eerie sense of isolation, as if her universal laments on love and loss are a secret known only to her.” “Mercy,” the hit single from Rockferry, made her the first female Welsh singer to hit number one on the UK pop charts in more than 20 years.  Entertainment Weekly called the song “a go-go number that’s as sassy as a Mary Quant miniskirt.”

Her robust, soulful voice is quickly making her just as popular in the States. Duffy’s 2008 South By Southwest performance left many making comparisons to Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse.

“People keep asking me where my voice comes from and the fact is I don’t know,” Duffy said. “Why are your eyes the color they are? It’s no answer at all but it’s the only one I have.”



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