Crowed House © KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Crowded House


After an 11-year hiatus, Australia’s Crowded House is back and they are making their Austin City Limits debut tonight. Known for their superb song-writing skills, the legendary group, led by musician Neil Finn, “has inspired everyone from Jimmy Buffet, Aimee Mann, and Eddie Vedder” (Glide Magazine].

With the loss of original drummer Paul Hester, Finn and his crew felt it was time to take a break from their solo careers and regroup. “It feels right to us that the band should re-emerge at this time and together with Mark Hart we look forward to reconnecting with the audience that we established and for whom we still hold a deep respect,” said Finn. “We aim to make the upcoming shows and the new music every bit as vital and spirited as what has come before.”

The band’s first new studio album in 14 years, Time on Earth debuted in conjunction with the Coachella Festival in April, which was their first appearance in the U.S. since 1996. This long-awaited album features the new Crowded House lineup and their new single “Don’t Stop Now.” Billboard wrote “this curious intermingling of sounds and intent makes Time on Earth a haunting yet comforting affair that is quite unique in Neil Finn’s body of work, yet functions as an oddly appropriate, utterly worthy, comeback as Crowded House.”

BBC wrote: “This is an older, wiser, weathered Crowded House, but still as perfect at their craft as ever.”


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