Cafe Tacuba ©KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Café Tacvba


Since the late ’80s Café Tacuba has been building an international fan base through their innovative and multi-award winning experimentation with music.

The Mexico City quartet helped shape the country’s rock scene. When they released their first CD in 1992 the band already had a rather large cult following and became the fastest selling artists in the history of Mexican rock. Their third release, 1999’s Reves/Yo Soy, took home the Album of the Year award at the first Latin Grammys. Café Tacuba’s unique sound has made them popular in countries across the globe. As the “vanguard of Latin rock and pop” (Rolling Stone), they have worked with the Kronos Quartet for the Grammy-nominated Nuevo and have been heard on the soundtracks for the films Amores Perros and Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Rolling Stone wrote “They’re consistently unconventional in everything from their compositions to their album artwork and packaging, and they appear poised to cross over to an American audience while still singing in Spanish.”

Their most recent release, Cuatro Camino, is considered the band’s most lush work and received the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album. Pitchfork called the release one of “the rare albums on which a fantastically popular group with a firm grasp of their direction and sound is able to produce some of their most memorable and mesmerizing songs without sacrificing any of their experimentation and audacity.”