Bob Schneider © KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Bob Schneider



Bob Schneider by Season 36 Clint Wilson

Austin’s Bob Schneider is “a musical omnivore eager to devour any genre that sounds appetizing” (Dallas Morning News) creating eclectic albums that fuse styles into his own unique sound.  Tonight, Schneider brings that creative hunger for great music to the Austin City Limits stage for his second performance on the show.

No stranger to the stages of Austin’s live music scene, Schneider has made leaps and bounds since the early days of his first band, the funk/rap group Joe Rockhead. After years with the Ugly Americans and The Scabs, Schneider went solo to much acclaim.  His 2001 album Lonelyland and his other solo work led Allmusic’s to write: “His music is redolent of singer/songwriters of the 1970s from Neil Young to Paul Simon, with a slightly more modern musical sensibility reminiscent of Beck.”

In 2009, after flying as a solo musician for a decade, Schneider released Lovely Creatures. The CD exemplifies Schneider’s songwriting talents and knack for writing idiosyncratic songs out of controlled creative chaos. “I’ve always been a big fan of songs that don’t really make any sense lyrically, but when you add the music it somehow works,” said Schneider.

And the mood comes through clearly on Lovely Creatures creating a whimsical grab bag of love and life stories both devastating and hopelessly romantic. The Associated Press writes Lovely Creatures “exudes an embracing warmth…Electric keyboards and a vibraphone shimmer above hummable bass lines, guitars provide crunchy counterpoint and there’s vocal sweetener with ‘ooohs,’ ‘aaahs,’ ‘oh-uhs’ and even an ecstatic ‘hoo-hoo.'”



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