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Arcade Fire



Arcade Fire Season 37 by Clint Breslin


Arcade Fire Setlist

With infectious melodies and introspective lyrics, Arcade Fire has won over the hearts of America with their harp-strumming, accordion-pumping, xylophone-tapping, songs that are undeniably brilliant. The band makes their second appearance on Austin City Limits performing songs from their powerful album The Suburbs.

Originally based in Montreal, Canada, the group is distinctly known for their multi-instrumental abilities, impressively switching instruments throughout their show. In 2004, they released their debut album Funeral, followed by Neon Bible in 2007 to much critical praise. Quite impressively, Arcade Fire has gone from being an underground, indie band to Grammy-winning artists in only a few, short years. A BBC Music writer said, “Emerging from a previously unexplored beyond, their story has always been theirs alone to tell. And The Suburbs is their most thrillingly engrossing chapter yet.”



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