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Aimee Mann


For decades, Aimee Mann has been known as one of the top songwriters in contemporary music. Mann frequently pairs the bleakest of poetry with soaring, infectious melodies for emotionally explosive tunes that have won her numerous awards and fans. With her witty lyrics critics report that “no one surpasses her as a master of poetic regret” (All Music Guide).

The Virginia-born, Berklee School of Music-trained musician had a hit in the ’80s with her band ’til Tuesday’s debut single “Voices Carry,” but it’s her journey as a solo artist that’s ultimately gained the most attention. After 1993’s Whatever and 1995’s I’m With Stupid, her first two solo albums, attracted reams of critical acclaim but few sales, Mann left the major label system behind for good.

Befriending film director Paul Thomas Anderson, she made significant contributions to his infamous movie Magnolia, including the Grammy- and Oscar-nominated “Save Me.” The companion release to the Magnolia soundtrack, Bachelor No. 2, was an “emotion-evoking masterpiece” (Ink Blog Magazine) of a “genuinely winning collection of sublime, old-school pop” (Entertainment Weekly). This release was followed by 2002’s Lost in Space, 2005’s The Forgotten Arm and 2006’s Christmas CD, Another Drifter in the Snow.

Her 2008release, @#%&*! Smilers, is being hailed as her “most compelling album to date” (Billboard). Mojo wrote, “Smilers is a masterpiece from a songwriter who’s quietly chronicling the blanched last days of a sunshine empire.”

“I‚ve always been fascinated with eccentric personalities,” Mann said. “When I write about them – the narcissists, performers, eccentrics, know-it-alls – it helps me recognize some truths about the world and about myself.”




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